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  • Established in 1889, The Hongkong Electric Company, Limited (HK Electric) is one of the longest-established power companies in the world. As the main operating company of Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited, HK Electric has a long record of providing an efficient and reliable electricity supply to its half a million customers on Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island.

    Realising the importance of supply reliability in keeping Hong Kong an international financial centre and a world-class city, HK Electric has been investing in advanced and quality systems to sustain Hong Kong's strong economic growth and a good quality of life for its citizens. It has maintained a supply reliability rating of over 99.999% since 1997 - one of the best records in the world, while committing to minimise the impact of its operations through comprehensive environmental protection policies and measures.


  • Environment and Sustainability Highlights
  • As a major public utility, The Hongkong Electric Company, Limited (HK Electric) recognises its social responsibility to protect and preserve the environment of our home. To this, the Company put great emphasis on environmental protection and invest substantially to resolve, alleviate and minimise the impact arising from its operations on the environment.

    To realise this commitment, the Company has established specific corporate policy to care for and improve the environment. Under the policy, the Company has to ensure that the Company's facilities comply with the Government's environmental requirements and that the overall potential environmental impacts arising from the Company's operations are minimal. To achieve this, the Company maintains close liaison and co-operation with the Environment Bureau and Environmental Protection Department of the Government.

    HK Electric has a professional team of engineers and chemists to integrate environmental considerations in every stage of project planning, and the design of power station and electrical substation equipment. They are also responsible for the monitoring and assessment of the environment in the processes of power generation, transmission and distribution. State-of-the-art equipment such as wind tunnels and computer simulations are also employed in the testing stage to ensure that the best efforts are devoted to protecting the environment.

    In the aspect of energy efficiency and conservation, the Company has sponsored the setting up of the Energy Efficiency Centre in the Hong Kong Science Museum. The centre displays educational exhibits to promote efficient use of energy. With the support of the Education Bureau and the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Company has developed separate energy efficiency education kits for primary schools and secondary schools. During 2000 - 2003, the Company successfully implemented a Demand Side Management Resource Plan, which included both rebate programs and non-rebate programs, to reduce electricity requirement. An annual educational campaign, the "Smart Power Campaign" has also been implemented since 2003 to teach the younger generations in Hong Kong more about energy efficiency and the smart use of electricity. The HK Electric Clean Energy Fund was established in 2006  which donates about HK$1 million each year to finance the study and application of renewable energy among the education sector in Hong Kong. HK Electric has also been keenly supporting environmental projects conducted by green groups in the form of donations.

  • Organization Representative to BEC
  • Name: T.C. Yee
    Job Title: General Manager - Corporate Development
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  • Mr Yee joined HK Electric after graduation, working primarily on local and overseas power project management and construction. He took up a management role in investments outside Hong Kong for the Group between 2005 and 2008. At present, he is leading 3 separate teams in Planning & Regulation, Environmental Affairs and Energy & Performance. His main responsibility covers regulatory business and initiatives, sustainable strategic developments, and power plant fuel management. He is a Registered Professional Engineer and a corporate member of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, The Institution of Engineering & Technology UK, and The Institution of Engineers Australia respectively. 

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