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  • Wheelock and Company Limited  ("Wheelock") is a listed property company, headquartered in Hong Kong.

    Building on a commercial heritage that dates back to 1857 when the company was founded in Shanghai, Wheelock is, today, an active company that is committed to investing in the long term to generate strong and steady return for shareholders while adopting best practices and improving the quality of life in the community in which we operate.


  • Environment and Sustainability Highlights
  • Wheelock spares no effort in supporting various CSR initiatives, with focus on the community and the environment. On the community front, highlighted key initiatives include Project WeCan, the Community Chest Wheelock Swim for Millions, and Woo Wheelock Green Fund. On the environment, we join hands with our partners and contractors in a concerted effort to reduce energy consumption, resources used and waste generated through our operations. Details are available in the Wheelock CSR Report 2015: please click to read.


  • Organization Representative to BEC
  • Name: Irene Lau
    Job Title: Senior Manager - Corporate Communications

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