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  • KMB, with a fleet of over 4,000 buses plying some 400 routes, is one of the world's largest privately owned and operated bus companies and the flagship of the TIH Group. KMB aims to provide efficient and comfortable bus services to 2.7 million passengers every day.


  • Environment and Sustainability Highlights
  • KMB recognises the potential environmental impact of its services and is committed to mitigating and minimising such impact through a wide range of environment-friendly measures and practices. The Company has consistently pioneered the introduction of the latest Euro standard buses into Hong Kong and has installed devices such as catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters in older buses to improve their environmental performance. The entire KMB fleet is run on ultra-low sulphur diesel and is kept in top operating condition through a rigorous maintenance programme.

    In other areas of its operations, KMB has also demonstrated its commitment to environmental care through the ISO 14001 certification of its main depots and the adoption of ""green office"" standards and practices. It has won a number of environmental performance awards, including the Green Innovative Practice Gold Award and the Green Office Merit Award (Large Organisations) in the 2002 Hong Kong Eco-Business Awards, the award for ""Innovation Towards a Better Environment"" at the UITP Asia Pacific Congress in 2002 and the Business Environment Council's Environmental Performance Award in 2003.

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  • Name: Roger Lee
    Job Title: Managing Director

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