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  • Swire Pacific Limited is one of Hong Kong's leading listed companies, with diversified interests in five operating divisions: Property, Aviation, Beverages, Marine Services and Trading & Industrial. The company's operations are predominantly based in the Greater China region, where the Swire group has been established for over 150 years. Swire Pacific seeks to foster long-term, sustainable growth through active participation in management, underpinned by a strong financial base.


  • Environment and Sustainability Highlights
  • Swire Pacific is committed to maintaining robust corporate governance practices and the highest standards of business integrity in all of its activities. The Company's commitment in terms of corporate governance is to provide high-quality products and services to the satisfaction of its customers; maintain high standards of business ethics; and achieve these goals while, at the same time, providing satisfactory and sustainable returns to shareholders.

    In addition, the group acts in a socially responsible manner through a variety of initiatives and sees this as part of its overall commitment to good corporate governance. As part of its commitment to enhance corporate governance standards within the region, Swire Pacific is a member of the Asian Corporate Governance Association.

    Please click to download Sustainable Development Report.

  • Organization Representative to BEC
  • Name: Mark Watson
    Job Title: Head of Sustainable Development

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