Environmental Management

Environmental Management (EM) team at BEC helps businesses identify and manage their eco-footprint and provides strategic advice for achieving environmental excellence. Our environmental management services cover waste and resource management, environmental due diligence, and advice related to ISO 14001 and green procurement.

Our expertise:

  • Pilot programme development and implementation to evaluate the feasibility and impact of proposed policies and key actions related to sustainability
  • Environmental Management System advisory service, ISO 14001 internal audits, awareness training and internal auditor training
  • Sustainability planning and integration of green management into business operations Environment-related studies, consultancy services and market research (e.g. waste audit and green procurement)
  • Capacity building, including open-house training, in-house training, experience sharing and experiential learning
  • Sustainability performance verification and benchmarking, such as the Clean Air Charter, the BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards, the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, and the HSBC Living Business Awards.